ABC gates for Europe - ABC4EU (FP7)

ABC4EU is a collaborative project funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7). It proposes the study and implementation of an innovative system for the automated border crossing (ABC) of EU countries being in the Schengen area. In particular, frequent third country travellers will be considered, in order to allow for facilitated border crossings.

To that purpose, the project looks at the harmonization of the processes for ABC already in use in the EU, and the integration of new schemes, i.e. Registered Traveller Programme (RTP) and Entry/Exit System (EES). The future system will be based on biometric features such as fingerprints and images of the face, and on the combination of them. Along with the technical and functional aspects considered in the development of the new ABC gates, the designed solutions will be evaluated also from the ethical point of view, aiming at protecting fundamental citizenís rights related to the use of sensible personal data.

UMIL, collaborating with the other partners in the project, will work to the creation of new biometric technologies for different tasks, such as data acquisition, verification and storage support.

ABC Gates for Europe ó ABC4EU (FP7)